Tubing and Cannula

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Features & Benefits

  • Skin friendly NeoBond® Hydrocolloid base
  • Fold over flap engineered to relieve stress on tubes
  • Flap designed to be opened and closed repeatedly
  • Clear flap allows for better visibility
  • Mini size and shape ideal for micro preemies
  • Not made with natural rubber latex or plasticizer DEHP

Help prevent tubing and cannulas from shifting or slipping with Neotech EZ-Hold. All EZ-Hold devices have a NeoBond Hydrocolloid base, which is less likely to irritate sensitive skin. The fold-over flap is engineered for repeated openings and closures without affecting the skin. The EZ-Hold’s innovative clear flap enables visibility, and it’s made with no natural rubber latex or plasticizer DEHP.


Directions for Use

Clean and dry skin per hospital protocol.

Note: It is important for skin to be as clean and dry as possible. EZ-Hold will not adhere properly to moist skin or hair. Oils and lotions will also adversely affect adhesion.


Step 1 Before removing liners, warm EZ-Hold in hands for 60 seconds. May also be held under radiant or heel warmer for 10 to 15 seconds.

Step 2 Discard white, paper liner, then peel and discard clear, plastic liner from hydrocolloid base.

Step 3 Apply base to skin and hold in place for 60 seconds to ensure proper adhesion.

Step 4 Peel and discard second liner and fold flap over tubing.

Note: Lift flap as needed to reposition or remove tubing.

Step 1 Replace EZ-Hold every 5 days or per hospital protocol, whichever is sooner.

Step 2 Lift flap to remove tubing.

Step 3 Saturate EZ-Hold with water or saline.

Step 4 Slowly peel EZ-Hold away from skin as you swab with water or saline.

The EZ-Hold is intended to anchor and support breathing tubes.

Discontinue immediately if skin irritation occurs.

EZ-Hold will not adhere properly to moist skin or hair. Oils and lotions will also adversely affect adhesion.

Do not use alcohol to clean skin prior to application.

Single patient use only.

Cat No. Size Qty/Unit
N756 Mini 100/box
N757 Standard 100/box
N758 XL 100/box


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