Our company is lead by one of the leading Neonatologists who has over 20 years of experience. Given the positive feedback he and the neonatal community had after working with the Neotech products both in the UK and India, he has been inclined to set up Srisan, with the objective of making them easily available to clinicians. Srisan has an efficient team who believe in delivering high-quality care.

Over the past three decades, Neotech has emerged as an essential brand in NICUs around the world. Ground-breaking products from this company benefit both patients and clinicians as they focus on Making a Difference in the NICU, PICU and Beyond. Neotech understands that the quality of products used in such a sensitive environment is of the utmost importance to clinicians. It has developed a series of products designed to be gentle on tender skin and these products strictly comply with FDA and ISO standards.