NeoHug® Utility Device Holder

Utility Device Holder

  • Features

Features & Benefits

  • Playful chimp design available in five bright colors
  • Bendable arms to hold a variety of light weight items
  • Ideal for holding pacifier, suction tip, tape and more
  • Two attachment options
  • C-clip:
    • Attaches to most IV poles
    • Snaps on and off
    • Ribbed design to minimize slipping
    • Reposition repeatedly with no adhesive residue
  • Suction Cup:
    • Attaches to most smooth surfaces
    • Large suction cup for strong hold and easy removal
    • Holds under heat and humidity
    • Reposition repeatedly with no adhesive residue
  • Not made with natural rubber latex or plasticizer DEHP
  • Individually packaged

Add a splash of color and character to your unit. NeoHug is a cute and versatile accessory, ideal for holding a pacifier, suction tip, tape and more. The bendable arms stretch out in all directions to hold a variety of items in all areas of the hospital. Available with c-clip that snaps onto most IV poles or with large suction cup that sticks to most flat, smooth surfaces. Both options eliminate the need for tape. No adhesive residue!


Directions for Use

Step 1 Remove NeoHug from package and discard biodegradable bag.

Step 2a (C-clip) Place NeoHug onto IV pole by pressing center of C-clip (belly) until it snaps into place.

Step 2b(Suction) Affix NeoHug by pressing center of suction cup (belly) firmly against smooth, flat surface.

Step 3 Bend and conform arms as needed to hold desired items.

Step 1 Replace NeoHug every 14 days or per hospital protocol, whichever is sooner.

Step 2a (C-clip) Firmly hold C-clip and pull to slide off. Do not pull on chimp.

Step 2b (Suction) Lift suction cup tab to pop off of surface.

Caution: Replace immediately if visibly soiled or damaged OR if C-clip or suction cup no longer holds effectively.


  • NeoHug is intended to support, organize or hold non-operating medical devices.


  • The suction cup should be kept clean and free of debris and fluids.
  • Replace NeoHug immediately if visibly soiled or damaged.
  • Replace if C-clip or suction cup no longer holds effectively.
  • Single patient use only.

Cat No. Color Qty/Unit
N680BL Blue 25/box
N680BO Bright Orange 25/box
N680BP Bright Pink 25/box
N680GR Green 25/box
N680VL Violet 25/box
N680A Assorted 25/box
C-clip = -C, Suction Cup = -S (e.g. N680BL-C, N680GR-S)


Sell Sheet

Directions For Use (IFU)

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