NeoHeart® ECG Electrode Pads


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Features & Benefits

  • 3-in-1 pre-wired electrode array
  • Pre-measured sensor position
  • Radiolucent material nearly invisible on x-rays
  • One touch application ideal for use in delivery room
  • Larger surface area for enhanced adherence
  • Engineered for back application, allowing chest to remain exposed
  • Multi-colored wires for easier identification
  • Not made with natural rubber latex or plasticizer DEHP
  • Individually packaged

Heart rate is a major indicator for decision-making during delivery room assessment of a newborn. The NeoHeart ECG Pad is the ideal answer to the latest NRP recommendations. It’s designed for short-term use during labor and delivery. The pre-measured electrode placement allows for one touch application, rather than placing three individual leads. Unlike our NeoLead electrodes, NeoHeart does not have hydrocolloid so there is no warming time. And there’s no need to wipe the baby clean first. NeoHeart has a larger surface area with a stronger adhesive for better adherence over vernix.


Directions for Use

Step 1 Peel and discard liner. Apply immediately after liner is removed.

Step 2 Place NeoHeart on patient’s back and connect to ECG monitor cable. The pad should be oriented so the point of the heart is pointing toward lower extremities.

Step 3 Confirm quality of ECG tracing. If not achieving quality tracing or skin adherence, remove excess moisture from skin and reapply.

CAUTION: If placed on patient’s chest, the white wire electrode will be on patient’s left side. Insert into monitor accordingly.

Step 1 Remove NeoHeart within 24 hours.

Step 2 Saturate NeoHeart with water or saline.

Step 3 Slowly peel NeoHeart away from skin as you swab skin with water or saline. Replace with standard electrodes as directed by physician.


  • NeoHeart is a set of three attached ECG electrodes used on neonates, infants, and pediatric patients.


  • Federal law restricts this device to sale by or on the order of a physician.
  • NeoHeart ECG Pad should only be used while patient is under continuous direct supervision of healthcare professionals.
  • NeoHeart is designed for back application. If placed on patient’s chest, the white wire electrode will be on patient’s left side. Insert into monitor accordingly.
  • Do not apply to open wounds or broken skin.
  • Discontinue immediately if skin irritation occurs. Discard NeoHeart 24 hours after opening pouch.
  • Disposable. Do not reuse.
  • Single patient use only.

Cat No. Size Qty/Unit
N335 Small 20 sets/box
N336 Large 20 sets/box


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