NeoBridge® Umbilical Catheter Holder

Umbilical Catheter Holder

  • Features

Features & Benefits

  • Skin friendly NeoBond® Hydrocolloid base
  • Secure positioning flaps designed to relieve stress on tubes and help prevent dislodgement
  • Accommodates two catheters

Keep catheters safely where they belong with Neotech NeoBridge. The secure positioning flaps on this innovative umbilical catheter holder are designed to prevent tubes from dislodging while also relieving stress on tubing. NeoBridge is made with a skin a friendly NeoBond Hydrocolloid base, and the flaps can open and close repeatedly. Each NeoBridge can accommodate two catheters, and the clear flap allows for easy visibility. This product is available in micro, small, and large sizes.



  • After catheter has been inserted, clean and dry skin per hospital protocol.

Note: It is important for skin to be as clean and dry as possible. NeoBridge will not adhere properly to moist skin or hair. Oils and lotions will also adversely affect adhesion.


Step 1: Before removing plastic liner, hydrocolloid adhesive must be actively warmed. Warming techniques include: hold between the palms of your hands for at least 60 seconds, hold near a radiant warmer for 10-15 seconds, or hold against a chemical heel warmer for 10-15 seconds.

Step 2: Discard white, paper liner, then peel and discard clear, plastic liner from hydrocolloid base.

Step 3: With slit on right side and wider end of hydrocolloid base facing patient’s head, slip catheter through center of NeoBridge.

Step 4: Apply base to skin and hold in place for 60 seconds to ensure proper adhesion.

Step 5: Peel and discard frosted liner from top half of flap. Bring flap up and affix catheter(s) to flap in an arch or U shape to minimize tension with catheter(s) exiting out the side of the flap.

Note: Do not extend catheter(s) into green area of flap. If using two catheters, have one catheter exit each side of flap.

Step 6: Peel and discard frosted liner from bottom half of flap. Bring the flap up to align green area of bottom half with green area of top half and press firmly together, enclosing catheter(s) between adhesive flaps.

Step 7: Pull flaps apart to remove or reposition catheter(s) as needed, then close to secure.

Step 1: Replace NeoBridge every 5 days or per hospital protocol, whichever is sooner.

Step 2: Pull flaps apart to remove catheter(s).

Step 3: Saturate NeoBridge with water or saline.

Step 4: Slowly peel NeoBridge away from skin as you swab the skink with water or saline

The NeoBridge is intended to anchor and support umbilical catheters. It is intended for use on pediatric (neonates, infants and children) patients.


  • Federal law restricts this device to sale by or on the order of a physician.
  • NeoBridge should only be used while the patient is under the continuous, direct supervision of trained healthcare professionals.
  • Discontinue use immediately if skin irritation occurs.
  • NeoBridge will not adhere properly to moist skin or hair. Oils and lotions will adversely affect adhesion.
  • Do not use alcohol to clean skin prior to application.
  • Single patient use only.

Cat No. Size Qty/Unit
N700 Micro 20/box
N701 Small 20/box
N702 Large 20/box



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