NeoBar® ET Tube Holder

ET Tube Holder

  • Features

Features & Benefits

  • Skin friendly NeoBond® Hydrocolloid tabs
  • Macro and Jumbo sizes available with medical grade acrylic adhesive
  • Designed to reduce extubations, help prevent palate trauma and allow for better oral care
  • Eliminates need for tape near nose or mouth
  • Can be cut for emergency removal
  • Color coded sizes
  • Not made with natural rubber latex or plasticizer DEHP
  • Individually packaged

When you need to secure a baby’s endotracheal tube, Neotech’s NeoBar offers the ideal balance between security and comfort. The eight color-coded sizes make unit selection easier, and the skin friendly tabs are designed to reduce the use of potentially harmful tape on the skin. The NeoBar is designed to protect the patient’s palate and reduce the occurrence of extubations. Additionally, clinicians can cut the material in an emergency for immediate removal.


Directions for Use

Step 1 After patient is intubated, select proper size NeoBar by using NeoBar measuring tape strip provided.

Place mid line of strip at septum and wrap to ear. Color that falls over opening of ear canal corresponds to NeoBar size.

Step 2 To ensure proper fit, position NeoBar across center of mouth, between upper and lower lips. NeoBar should not contact lips. Tabs must be just in front of ear.

Step 3 Clean and dry skin per hospital protocol.

Note: It is important for skin to be as clean and dry as possible. Tabs will not adhere properly to moist skin or hair. Oils and lotions will adversely affect adhesion.


Step 1 Before removing liners, warm tabs in hands for 60 seconds. May also be held under radiant or heel warmer for 10 to 15 seconds.

Step 2 Peel and discard liners. Apply tabs in front of ear on bone and hold in place for 60 seconds to ensure proper adhesion.

Note: Ensure ET tube is below platform to reduce pressure on palate or gums.

Step 3 Wrap 1/2″ white or cloth tape completely around NeoBar platform first, then continue taping around both platform and tube.

Step 1 Replace NeoBar every 5 days or per hospital protocol, whichever is sooner.

Step 2 Unwrap tape to separate ET tube from NeoBar platform.

Step 3 Saturate tabs with water or saline.

Step 4 Slowly peel tabs away from skin as you swab with water or saline.

Emergency Removal
Carefully cut thin portion of NeoBar with blunt scissors at junction of bar and tab.

Remove NeoBar and attached ET tube.

Remove tabs later. (see Removal)

The NeoBar is intended to secure an endotracheal tube. It is intended for use on pediatric (neonates, infants and children) patients.

The NeoBar is contraindicated for patients with infected or excoriated skin areas that would prevent the proper placement of the tabs.

It is not intended for use on adults.

Federal law restricts this device to sale by or on the order of a physician.

NeoBar should only be used while the patient is under the continuous, direct supervision of trained healthcare professionals.

Discontinue immediately if skin irritation occurs.

NeoBar should not contact lips.

Tabs will not adhere properly to moist skin or hair. Oils and lotions will adversely affect adhesion.

Do not use alcohol to clean skin prior to application.

For immediate removal, refer to DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Emergency Removal.

Single patient use only.

Cat No. Size Color Qty/Unit
N709 Mini Purple 5/box
N710 Ultra Yellow 5/box
N711 Micro White 5/box
N712 Small Green 5/box
N713 Large Blue 5/box
N714 XL Rose 5/box
N715H Macro Clear 5/box
N716H Jumbo Gray 5/box
With Medical Grade Acrylic Adhesive
N715F Macro Peach 5/box
N716F Jumbo Carbon 5/box
Transport Box
N718  Multiple Various 6/box*
*One each: N709, N710, N711, N712, N713, N714
Neonatal Assorted
N719N Multiple Various 12/box*
*Two each: N709, N710, N711, N712, N713, N714

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