Little Sucker® Nasal Tip

Nasal Suction Device

  • Features

Features & Benefits

  • Specialized tip designed to minimize potential tissue trauma
  • Designed for single handed suctioning
  • Thumb port for intermittent suctioning
  • Soft, flexible tip similar to a bulb syringe
  • Not made with natural rubber latex or plasticizer DEHP
  • Individually packaged

Neotech’s patented Little Sucker Nasal Tip is the premier suctioning device for nasal suction in the NICU, PICU and beyond. The proprietary design features a specialized tip to guard against inserting too far into the nares. The tip is soft and flexible, and made from hypoallergenic material. Its durability makes it suitable for parents in a home health setting as well.


Directions for Use

Step 1 Connect barbed end of Little Sucker Nasal Tip to suction line.

Step 2 Set suction to appropriate pressure per hospital protocol or physician recommendation.

Step 3 Block thumb port with thumb to begin suctioning.

Step 4 Suction nares with intermittent suctioning.

Note: For intermittent suctioning, unblock thumb port to stop suctioning. Block thumb port again to continue suctioning.

Step 5 Suction sterile water through Little Sucker Nasal Tip after each use.

Step 6 Replace Little Sucker Nasal Tip every 24 hours or per hospital protocol, whichever is sooner.

The Little Sucker Nasal Tip is indicated for use as a tip for suction tubing to aspirate fluids from the nares.

Federal law restricts this device to sale by or on the order of a physician.

For nasal use only.

Inserting the Little Sucker Nasal Tip too far into the nares can cause tissue trauma.

The Little Sucker Nasal Tip should remain free of debris.

Single patient use only.

Cat No. Item Qty/Unit
N224 Preemie Nasal Tip 50/box
N224TP Preemie Nasal Tip 2-Piece 50/box
N225 Standard Nasal Tip 50/box
N225TP Standard Nasal Tip 2-Piece 50/box

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